Exchange your home

How it works – 5 steps

1. Sign up for free - and become a "HomeY"

In order to register you have to create a profile where you either sign up with your e-mail address or with your Facebook profile.
After signing up and becoming a "HomeY" you will be able to exchange room or apartment with any other member of the homey-homesharing community.

2. Create your profile

Take some time and create your profile. Convince other HomeYs about your home. Best way to do that is to upload nice pictures of your apartment and also provide an informative description.

3. Start searching

By using the search bar you can look at homes at your desired location, and determine the period in which you would like to exchange. Click through the profiles of other HomeYs and find the perfect apartment for you.

4. Contact your HomeY

If you have found an apartment that you like, contact the other HomeY. Communicate via the message function of the Homepage. Tell your exchange partner about your expectations and get to know each other.

5. Plan your exchange

Clarify all the details of your exchange with your HomeY. Please also check the safety tips oft he homeY-homesharing website. Check out our Agreement draft in order to set up an Exchange Agreement.

Sign up at HomeY-homesharing today and become part of our community – because everything starts with a home

For your own safety

The Home exchange by homey-home sharing is based on honesty, trust and commitment. To ensure a smooth home exchange we encourage our users to contribute to the security of this platform.
In a home exchange, both exchange partners are in the same situation. Follow these simple rules to facilitate the exchange and make it a good experience.

Start a dialogue with your exchange partner. Check his profile as well as the accuracy of the phone number, email address and his social media accounts. If available, take a look at the evaluation of the exchange partner. And please also rate your partner after your exchange to provide feedback. This will allow other homey’s to evaluate exchange partners better.

Communicate by the message function of the homeY homesharing website. With this chat you can contact to other homeys without sharing your e-mail address, telephone number and full residential address (optional).
You can exchange all relevant information if both parties agreed to a home exchange.
For us security is extremely important. Therefore, we protect the data of all our Homey’s.
After you got to know each other you can personally decide what you want to share with the other Homey.

Home exchange is not a one-sided thing. Your profile is the basis for communication with other Homeys. From looking at your profile they will decide if your home is what they desire. Therefore take your time to carefully create your profile. First impressions are everything.
On your profile you can also specify your expectations and desires to the other homey’s.

Leave your Homey a list of emergency numbers.
o Telephone number of a local contact person (parents, friends, neighbors) that can help in an emergency.
o The local emergency number of the police, fire department and ambulance.
o Do not forget to leave your own contact details.

If it is a rental apartment we suggest that you inform the landlord. Inform them that a guest / friend for the given period of time is staying with you.
Inform also neighbors, friends, acquaintances and possibly roommates about the guests / friends in your home.

It is always possible that you have a bad feeling about another homey. If you are not absolutely sure that you want to exchange please request additional information from your exchange partner.
If you still feel that you did not find the appropriate exchange partner please decline friendly.
It’s absolutely okay to say no! However, it is not okay, to leave another homey waiting for an answer and hoping for an exchange.